The Band


His life, he says, began, when he was first time sitting at a drum set.In age of 16 he already founded a band and toured through Europe. In 2009 he took part at the "World Drum Competition" in Germany beside many famous drummers of the rock scene. Os has Kurdish origin and was born in Germany. Until today he has played with many bands.


Roman Voronenko - KEYBOARD

was born in 1981 in Gorki, Russia. In age of 6 he already became interested for piano. In 2004 he graduated from the Academy of Music as a classical pianist, and moved to Germany. Before Roman played keyboard in a "Dreamtheater" Tribute Band but his work also relates to different musical genres.


Miloš Krstić - BASS GUITAR

" I dedicate my life to music and chopper bikes."
The guitar and bass guitar player Miloš Krstić is a guy from Balkan and started playing music as a kid. Since then he played in many bands from all over Balkan, but also in Germany and Australia. Miloš is a biker and fan of Chopper bikes.


GUITAR (Extern)