Sonia had always dream of becoming a great dancer, and this made her travelled down to Egypt from Germany to study fully and learn more on Dancing which she was able to achieve through her intelligent and passion. She ended up performing in Egypt and Tunisia for Seven good years.

With her experience and knowledge, Sonia opened up her dance school in Germany and created more and more dance which in turn gave her career a new direction.

As we speak, Sonia is a well known dancer, performer, master and dance pioneer and has formed many dancers of this art all to her name.

Lady Volcano Dance and music involves using movement to help people deal with physical, emotional, or social problems. Therapists help people integrate their emotional and physical needs to relieve stress, build confidence, and overcome emotional problems.

She also uses art media, images, and the creative process to help people cope with illness or other challenges. Her main aim include helping people deal with emotional conflicts, develop social skills and self-awareness, and reduce anxiety through her means of entertainment.

Sonia possesses qualities which includes: Athleticism, Creativity, interpersonal skills, Leadership skills, Persistence, Physical stamina, Teamwork among others.