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Lady Volcano

The Power of Art.


Lady Volcano, also known as Sonia Asmahan, is a singer, songwriter, music producer, and dancer. She is well-known for her explosive and life-affirming music that she produces under her own label and music publishing company. Lady Volcano has released four rock music albums and four singles, and her music is enjoyed by audiences worldwide. She performs solo with playback, with an acoustic guitar, or with her band, project9, which comprises Keys player Roman Voronenko, Guitarist Wolfgang Kolassa, Bass Guitarist Rudi Schürrle, Drummer U9, and Back Vocalist Thomas Albitz.

Apart from music, Lady Volcano is a dance pioneer with a diverse background in Street Dance, Jazz, Modern Dance, Musical Jazz, Ballet, Flamenco, and Belly Dance. She has learned from the best teachers in the world for Middle Eastern dance and is the creator of a new dance style called Iso Style. Lady Volcano is also a renowned figure in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. She became the first German to get a leading role in an Egyptian TV series that is broadcast regularly for over half a billion people in the MENA region. As the first German belly dancer to perform in Egypt and Tunisia, she achieved to perform in front of 10,000 spectators in Carthage, the oldest amphitheater in the world.

Lady Volcano is a self-accepting, imaginative, charismatic, and charitable person who supports Arab refugees alongside her artistic work. She is also a martial arts enthusiast with a 2nd Dan in Taekwondo. She loves to travel and surround herself with precious metals and fights for injustice to be lifted and balance to be restored. Her inner attitude is the will to survive, overcoming fate, perseverance, self-assertion, triumph, and the attainment of justice. Lady Volcano is a peace-loving, inventive, and gifted artist.

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EPK Lady Volcano

EPK (German) Lady Volcano Oriental Rock Dance Performance

EPK Lady Volcano Biker Songs

EPK (German) Lady Volcano Biker Songs

EPK Lady Volcano Oriental Rock  

EPK (German) Lady Volcano Oriental Rock

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Biography: From Belly Dance to Rock n’Roll – The way of an Artist.

On a journey to the Orient Sonia fell in love with Oriental dance. Thereafter, she followed the call of adventure and set off with her backpack to become an Oriental dancer in Egypt. For many years the German danced successfully at the Red Sea and ran the „Al Manar“ Oriental dance school there for 7 years. Sonia was not only successful as an oriental dancer, but also beyond the borders of Egypt and almost every Egyptian has seen her face with the red beret on television. Her film role as „Rasha Lotfi Damanhouri“, the film daughter of Gamil Ratib in the Egyptian TV series „Sonbol baed el Million“ with Mohamed Sobhi, made her famous throughout the Arab world.

After the series, the artist remained true to dance and danced with her own music and folklore group in various hotels at the Red Sea. The highlight of her dancing career was in Tunisia, when she danced in front of more than 10,000 spectators in Carthage, the oldest amphitheater in the world. The dance pioneer has trained many dancers since then, and today ranks among the masters in the art of Oriental dance. After her return to Germany she organized Oriental events and dance workshops.

Sonia Asmahan also has been making an important contribution to the intercultural dialogue between German and Arabian culture for years. The artist has also a long-standing relationship with Egypt and travels there regularly. Sponsored by the city of Stuttgart, the artist staged in Germany two self-written dance theaters in Arabic language. „Saher essahra“ and „Cairocat“. At the opening of the Tut Anch Amun exhibition in the Old Castle in Stuttgart she danced and was approached by a volcanologist who enthusiastically compared her to a volcano. This inspired her so much that she wrote her first rock song „She’s a lady volcano“. „Lady Volcano“ was born. 

Theatre Productions: „Yalla Nurqs“, „Magic of the Desert“, „Cairo Cat“

Film/TV:  „Der älteste Tanz“ ARD Germany; „Sonbol-baed el Million“, ERT Egypt, „Nugum“ La Coupole, Tunisia, „Kaffee oder Tee“ SWR Germany

Video Productions: „Pay Attention“, She’s a Lady Volcano“, „Cairo“, „You’ve got the lingo“, „Chopper Dave“, „I carry an eagle on my heart“, „Let’s go for a ride“, „It’s music to my ears“, „Benz Benz Benz“, „Welcome to Qatar“,

Documentaries: „From Belly Dance to Rock’n Roll – The way of an artist. (in English & Arabic language)

Music Productions:

  • Lady Volcano  ( Album)       
  • We wave our flags (Single)
  • Falcon’s Dream (Album )
  • Riding Fever (Album)
  • Whatever it takes (Single)
  • Fire Skull (Album)
  • Let your body move (Single)
  • Welcome to Qatar (Single)
  • Believe in Love (Single)
  • Godesses (Album)
  • Iso Style (Dance Tutorial) 


Smokin' Hot Rock Concert
Lady Volcano Performing Artist
Lady Volcano & Spellfire Jamal
Lady Volcano  Creator of the Iso Style
Lady Volcano in blue Abaya


Falcon's Dream


Lady Volcano

We wave our flags

Riding Fever


Fire Skull

Fire Skull by Lady Volcano

Whatever it takes - Single


Let Your Body Move

"Let your body move" by Lady Volcano & Spellfire Jamal

Welcome to Qatar







APRIL 2024


Iso Style Show Up & Dance


11.4.24 Kostenlose Schnupperstunde

Kurs 11.4. – 23.5.24

Jeden Donnerstag 19:30 h  60 min (am 9.5. kein Unterricht)

6 Abende à 60 min 79 €

Kulturhaus Schwanen Waiblingen


MAI 2024

New Song Release:

„Welcome to Germany“

Lady Volcano ft. Sosysos

EM Song „Welcome to Germany“ by Lady Volcano



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Iso Style Dance Award 2024

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Mehr über Iso Style:


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Iso Style Dance Award 2024








Smokin' Hot Rock Concert

Location will be announced!

 Beginn 20:00 h Einlass 19:30 h

VVK 13,41 € ABENDKASSE 17 €












Sonia Asmahan