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Lady Volcano

The Power of Art.


Lady Volcano  aka Sonia Asmahan is a professional artist, a singer/songwriter and a dancer. She uses all this afore mention in entertaining her fans and audience.

She is a dance pioneer and became a successful belly dancer in Egypt. The artist is a music producer and the creator of Iso Style, a new dance learning method. Lady Volcano has her own label, a music publishing company and for live performances she performs solo or with the project9 band.

Sonia has a well-known face in the MENA region. She was the first German to get a leading role in an Egyptian TV series, which is broadcast regularly for half a billion people in the MENA region for years. The artist was the first German belly dancer to perform in front of 10,000 spectators in Carthage/Tunisia, the oldest amphi theatre in the world. Sonia also was the first German to found and run an international dance centre in Egypt  and was the first German artist to write and perform two Arabic dance theatres in Germany. The artist manages her own musical works and administers the licences. Her music is life-affirming and explosive – like herself. Due to her ability to speak Arabic, the artist supports Arab refugees alongside her artistic work. The dancer also loves martial arts and has a 2nd Dan in Taekwondo.

Lady Volcano is a self accepting, imaginative, charismatic and charitable person, with a noble heart, who loves to travel and surround herself with precious metals. She loves people who can rise like a phoenix from the ashes and rekindle their fire. She fights for injustice to be lifted and balance to be restored. Her inner attitude is the will to survive, overcoming fate, perseverance, self-assertion, triumph and the attainment of justice. She is peace-loving, inventive and gifted.


Her artistic life as a dancer.

On a journey to the Orient Sonia fell in love with Oriental dance. Thereafter, she followed the call of adventure and set off with her backpack to become an Oriental dancer in Egypt. For many years the German danced successfully at the Red Sea and ran the „Al Manar“ Oriental dance school there for 7 years. Sonia was not only successful as an oriental dancer, but also beyond the borders of Egypt and almost every Egyptian has seen her face with the red beret on television. Her film role as „Rasha Lotfi Damanhouri“, the film daughter of Gamil Ratib in the Egyptian TV series „Sonbol baed el Million“ with Mohamed Sobhi, made her famous throughout the Arab world.

After the series, the artist remained true to dance and danced with her own music and folklore group in various hotels at the Red Sea. The highlight of her dancing career was in Tunisia, when she danced in front of more than 10,000 spectators in Carthage, the oldest amphitheater in the world. The dance pioneer has trained many dancers since then, and today ranks among the masters in the art of Oriental dance. After her return to Germany she organized Oriental events and dance workshops.

Sonia Asmahan also has been making an important contribution to the intercultural dialogue between German and Arabian culture for years. The artist has also a long-standing relationship with Egypt and travels there regularly. Sponsored by the city of Stuttgart, the artist staged in Germany two self-written dance theaters in Arabic language. „Saher essahra“ and „Cairocat“. Since the refugee crisis, the artist is intensively supporting integration projects in the Federal Republic of Germany to integrate Arab refugees and immigrants.At the opening of the Tut Anch Amun exhibition in the Old Castle in Stuttgart she danced and was approached by a volcanologist who enthusiastically compared her to a volcano. This inspired her so much that she wrote her first rock song „She’s a lady volcano“. 2012 she released her first  music album „Lady Volcano“ , founded a band and a music publishing house.„Lady Volcano“ was born.

Her music productions:

  • Lady Volcano  ( Album)       
  • We wave our flags (Single)
  • Falcon’s Dream (Album )
  • Riding Fever (Album)
  • Whatever it takes (Single)
  • Fire Skull (Album)
  • Let your body move (Single)
  • Iso Style (Dance Tutorial) 
  • Welcome to Qatar (Single)
Smokin' Hot Rock Concert
Lady Volcano Performing Artist
Lady Volcano & Spellfire Jamal
Lady Volcano  Creator of the Iso Style
Lady Volcano in blue Abaya


Falcon's Dream


Lady Volcano

We wave our flags

Riding Fever


Fire Skull

Fire Skull by Lady Volcano

Whatever it takes - Single


Let Your Body Move

"Let your body move" by Lady Volcano & Spellfire Jamal

Welcome to Qatar





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 10.11. – 15.12. do 19.30 – 20.30 h Kulturhaus Schwanen  6 Abende à 60 min. Preis 79 €

Mehr über Iso Style:

More about Iso Style:

Ausbildungen zum Iso Style Trainer

Iso Style Basis Training in Theorie + Praxis

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Education: Iso Style Trainer

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Optimal training concept, informative training material,

Certificate after successful completion

 Price: 1.045 €

Dates: 11./12/03/23  10am – 1pm / 2pm – 5pm / 25/26/3/22  10am – 1pm / 2pm – 5pm.

Registration by email to:



RELEASE VIDEO „Welcome to Qatar“ 

WATCH HERE: „Welcome to Qatar“ by Lady Volcano




Welcome to Qatar Video Shooting at Gebel Al Matamir Sinai


JUNE 2022



23.6. – 04.8. (7.7. kein Unterricht) 19.30 – 20.30 h Kulturhaus Schwanen 6 Abende à 60 min. Preis 79 €



 MAY 2022


People do not want wars. They would rather come together peacefully and play football against each other.

This is what these artists stand for and set an example for peace:

Russian composer Roman Voronenko, German lyricist Ingo Clemenz, Ukrainian mastering engineer Jury Arefyev and German artist Lady Volcano have jointly produced the Fifa World Cup Qatar Song 2022: „Welcome to Qatar“.

Artwork „Welcome to Qatar“ by Lady Volcano

The video for the song is now being shot in Sinai/Egypt on 18th of May 2022.

Welcome to Qatar Video Shooting at Gebel Al Matamir Sinai

May 2022



Iso Style - Show Up & Dance New Courses.
New Iso Style Dance Courses in Germany


7.4.-12.5.22 donnerstags 19.30  – 20.30 h Kulturhaus Schwanen 6 Abende à 60 min. Preis 79 € 



23.6. – 04.8. (7.7. kein Unterricht) 19.30 – 20.30 h Kulturhaus Schwanen 6 Abende à 60 min. Preis 79 € 


ONLINE COURSE: ISO STYLE BASICS I  7.4. – 12.5. Thursday EST 8.45  -9.30 h pm via zoom price: 7 € / hour BOOK NOW:

ONLINE COURSE: ISO STYLE BASICS II  16.6. – 28.7. Thursday EST 20.45  – 21.30 h via zoom Price: 7 € /hour



Lady Volcano & project9 SSC Stuttgart

Cancelled because of the Corona Warning level.



"Let your body move" by Lady Volcano & Spellfire Jamal
Song „Let your body move“ by Lady Volcano & Spellfire Jamal


The name comes from Hip Isolation. ISO STYLE is a dance from the hip, a fusion of oriental dance and street dance. From this a young and intercultural dance style has emerged. For the artist Sonia Asmahan aka Lady Volcano, who created and developed the dance method, it is the dance of the 21st century.  She says, „It is healthy, easy to learn and very attractive, because of its inner-body nature. Therefore, ISO STYLE offers a quick sense of achievement because it is relatively easy to learn. The movements are back-friendly, healthy and aesthetic.“ A first dance tutorial will be released in October 2021.

„Let your body move“ 1. Iso Style Online Dance Tutorial

Iso Style Online Dance Tutorial


On the anniversary of the death of Dr. Carl Benz on 4th of April 2021 we will publish the video clip to “ Benz Benz“. The idea for the song came from the astonishment of Lady Volcano that Harley riders can also be enthusiastic about a Mercedes-Benz. The Frenchman Michel Dagois combined his visit to Stuttgart with the purchase of a 6 cylinder „Benz“ SLK. He wrote the song lyrics to „Benz Benz Benz“. In cooperation with the  artists from Stuttgart Spellfire Jamal and Roman Voronenko, she produced the song and released it in September 2020 in her album „Fire Skull“.

Thanks to Winfried Seidel of the Carl Benz Automuseum, the video was shot last summer in the birthplace of the 1st car

by Jan Wittekindt

Benz Benz Benz by Lady Volcano Spellfire Jamal

Benz Benz Benz by Lady Volcano & Spellfire Jamal.


Release – „Fire Skull“ is the 4th album of Lady Volcano which is dedicated to women. The new album therefore includes not only rocky, but also danceable funky songs. The artist sings about the mental processes a woman has to go through during her life. For some of her songs she was inspired by the book “Woman who run with the wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. The American writer and psychoanalyst says that a woman can only be strong, healthy, creative and happy if she can find the roots of her instinctive nature – the “Fire Skull”.

Fire Skull by Lady Volcano

Listen here:


The world changes rapidly. We are living in a difficult time at the moment. The corona pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we deal with each other. Many suffer from the quarantine regulations, the double burden and are afraid of existence. Many see their fundamental rights curtailed and oppose the restrictions imposed by governments on their personal freedom. However, we all have in common that we are looking for solutions to solve the problems. It is now particularly important and necessary to have understanding and still to express opinions constructively.

The Corona crisis shows us how vulnerable we are. We need each other especially in crises. So even if we keep distance, we can feel what’s going on between us. So let’s have more empathy for each other. Let’s express gratitude and encourage each other: „We will do whatever it takes and go through it. We will go on and not give up“.

The song „Whatever it takes“ not only contains this message, it is also a thank you to all those who stand by their fellow human beings in this crisis. The wonderful music was composed by the pianist Roman Voronenko.


CANCELLED 20.5.20  Lady Volcano & The project9  at the Exil, Göttingen 

CANCELLED 23.5.20  Lady Volcano & The project9  at the Schlagzeugmuseum, Ludwigsburg

We are the supporting the great band Nudi tra i Musicanti



Line Up:

Vocals – Lady Volcano

Drums – U9

Keys – Roman Voronenko

Guitar – Tomy – Thomas Greschel

Base Guitar – Rudi Schürrle

2. Drums & Back Vocal – David Sattler


Sonia Asmahan