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Lady Volcano

The Power of Art.


Lady Volcano (Sonia Asmahan) is a professional artist, vocalist, composer and a dancer. She uses all this afore mention in entertaining her fans and audience. She has performed internationally as a solo artist, bandleader and collaborator. She typically turns her passions, her lifestyles, her life philosophies, issues and many more to songs in a way that is touching.

On a journey to the Orient she fell in love with oriental dance. Thereafter, she followed the call of adventure and set off with her backpack to become an oriental dancer in Egypt. For many years the German danced successfully in Hurghada at the Red Sea and ran an oriental dance school there for 7 years. Sonia was not only very successful as an oriental dancer at the Red Sea, but also beyond the borders of Egypt. Her film role as „Rasha Lotfi Damanhouri“, the film daughter of Gamil Ratib in the Egyptian TV series „Sonbol“ with Mohamed Sobhi, made her famous throughout the Arab world. Almost every Egyptian has seen her face with the red beret on TV.

After the series, the artist remained true to dance and danced with her own music and folklore group in various hotels at the Red Sea. The highlight of her dancing career was in Tunisia, when she danced in front of more than 10,000 spectators in Carthage, the oldest amphitheater in the world. The dance pioneer has trained many dancers since then, and today ranks among the masters in the art of oriental dance. After her return to Germany she organized oriental events and dance workshops. Sonia Asmahan has been making an important contribution to the intercultural dialogue between German and Arabian culture for years. The artist has also a long-standing relationship with Egypt and travels there regularly. Sponsored by the city of Stuttgart, the artist staged in Germany two self-written dance theaters in Arabic language. At the opening of the Tut Anch Amun exhibition in the Old Castle in Stuttgart she danced and was approached by a volcanologist who enthusiastically compared her to a volcano. This inspired her so much that she wrote her first rock song „She’s a lady volcano“. 2012 she released her first rock music album and founded a music publishing house.

„Lady Volcano“ was born.

Since the refugee crisis, the artist has been intensively supporting integration projects in the Federal Republic of Germany to integrate Arab refugees and immigrants. 2018 she released „Falcon’s Dream“, a progressive rock music album with oriental music influences.  Her self-written album deals with having to escape and the stony path a refugee is faced with, full of difficulties and fears. The artist is also a motorcycle enthusiast and Harley Fan. In May 2019 the artist releases her third album “Riding Fever”, which is a compilation of story-telling songs she has written about her experiences with freedom-loving bikers.


Falcon's Dream


Lady Volcano

We wave our flags

Riding Fever


OS  –  Drummer

His life, he says, began, when he was first time sitting at a drum set.In age of 16 he already founded a band and toured through Europe. In 2009 he took part at the „World Drum Competition“ in Germany beside many famous drummers of the rock scene. Os has Kurdish origin and was born in Germany. Until today he has played with many bands.

Roman Voronenko  –  Keyboard

Roman was born in 1981 in Gorki, Russia. In age of 6 he already became interested for piano. In 2004 he graduated from the Academy of Music as a classical pianist, and moved to Germany. Before Roman played keyboard in a „Dreamtheater“ Tribute Band but his work also relates to different musical genres.

Miloš Krstić  –  Bass Guitar

„I dedicate my life to music and chopper bikes.“ The guitar and bass guitar player Miloš Krstić is a guy from Balkan and started playing music as a kid. Since then he played in many bands from all over Balkan, but also in Germany and Australia. Miloš is a biker and fan of Chopper bikes.


Sonia Asmahan

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