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A thank you in the Corona crisis „Whatever it takes“

A thank you to all those who stand by their fellow human beings in the Corona crises „Whatever it takes“ by Lady Volcano

We are living in a difficult time at the moment. The corona pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we deal with each other. Some have lost a family member, are infected or are afraid of being infected with the corona virus. Many suffer from the quarantine regulations, the double burden and are afraid of existence. Many see their fundamental rights curtailed and oppose the restrictions imposed by governments on their personal freedom. However, we all have in common that we are looking for solutions to solve the problems. It is now particularly important and necessary to have understanding and still to express opinions constructively.

The Corona crisis shows us how vulnerable we are. We need each other especially in crises. So even if we keep distance, we can feel what’s going on between us. So let’s have more empathy for each other. Let’s express gratitude and encourage each other: „We will do whatever it takes and go through it. We will go on and not give up“.

The song „Whatever it takes“ not only contains this message, it is also a thank you to all those who stand by their fellow human beings in this crisis. The wonderful music was composed by the pianist Roman Voronenko.

„Whatever it takes“ will be released on May 23, 2020 via


More information about the artist can be found here:

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