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„Fire Skull“ Songs for Ladies

Lady Volcano’s newest album has been dedicated to women.

„FireSkull“ is the 4th album by Lady Volcano, which she has dedicated to women. And since women like to dance, the new album contains not only rock tracks, but also good danceable tracks. But if you listen more closely, the artist allows some depths. She sings about the mental processes a woman goes through during her life. It’s about femininity, self-love and intuition. For some of her songs she was inspired by the book „The woman who run with the wolves“ by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. The American writer and psychoanalyst says that a woman can only be strong, healthy, creative and happy if she finds the roots of her instinctive nature – the fire skull.

It’s about soul life, self-love and listening to your intuition, the natural, feminine instinctual nature. It’s about having the courage to be who you want to be. It’s about realizing your dreams and not seeing youth as just a chapter in life. The artist: „We get old when we betray our ideals.“

The artist is particularly happy about the Art Work, a personal gift from the artist Kerstin Siech. So it’s also about beauty. When Lady Volcano was choosing the songs for the album, her co-producer said: „Women also love beautiful cars“. That’s why the French song „Benz Benz Benz“ was added to the album. The interpreter besides Lady Volcano and also co-composer of this song is the artist from Stuttgart Spellfire Jamal . The video will be online soon. The recordings took place thanks to the permission of Winfried Seidel, in the Dr. Carl Benz Museum in Ladenburg.

Here is the trailer for the video:  Benz Benz Benz Trailer