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ISO STYLE – The New Dance

The name comes from Hip Isolation. ISO STYLE® is a dance from the hip, a fusion of oriental dance and street dance. From this a young and intercultural dance style has emerged. For the artist Sonia Asmahan aka Lady Volcano, who created and developed the dance method, it is the dance of the 21st century.  She says, „It is healthy, easy to learn and very attractive, because of its inner-body nature. Therefore, ISO STYLE® offers a quick sense of achievement, because it is relatively easy to learn. The movements are back-friendly, healthy, aesthetic and is good for the self-confidence.“

The new combination of Eastern and Western culture, tradition and contemporary, femininity and masculinity stands for stability, self-realization, cultural change and the bond with the other. It contributes to the maintenance of health and self-development and encourages people to be more physically active.

Why does ISO STYLE meet the spirit of the times?

The dance style is a new synergy of the cultural codes of the Eastern and Western worlds, a fusion of ancient, feminine, Oriental dance and modern, masculine, American street dance. It draws on – and values – global dance cultural heritage and gives it new meaning.


  • healthy body workout
  • easy to learn
  • looks good

Upright posture + positive body expression = beauty and health

This culture-bending, aesthetic fusion has now been conceptualized as a learning method. It can be learned quickly, is healthy, aesthetic, back-friendly and strengthens self-confidence. Many people want to do something for their back, something that is fun and offers more vitality, energy and quality of life. Wellness & fitness = health is an existential birthright that everyone claims for themselves.

Lady Volcano_Iso Style

ISO STYLE® looks good. That’s why it motivates people to exercise/dance. It promotes body and self-awareness and through dancing the whole body is straightened and stretched. The isolation techniques from the pelvis strengthen the gluteal, back and abdominal muscles that straighten the pelvis and can counteract postural misalignments.

ISO STYLE® offers dance enthusiasts the opportunity to improve posture through dance, because movement should be fun, dance should be easy to learn, should look good and be healthy or back-friendly. The target group are especially women, but also men from 8 – 60 years, dance beginners and dancers.


The inner-body nature of the movements of ISO STYLE® counteracts muscular hardening and tension.

ISO STYLE® is outwardly attractive, includes a dance back school and has a very efficient learnability compared to other dance forms. Every learner should be able to quickly access the inner-body flexibility from the center. Through the dance use of archetypal forms of expression* (feminine / masculine) and its therefore integral nature, it also supports the personality development of a person.

Why is it so important for everyone to contribute to their health prevention and maintenance in their free time?

Over 75% of all back pain originates in the lumbar region. There are many different causes for the No. 1 common ailment: inflammations, injuries, circulatory disorders or signs of wear and tear can trigger back pain. Some complaints are also due to incorrect posture or relieving postures, for example during office work. The muscles of the human back, together with the ligaments, ensure that the spine stands upright in the pelvis. Sick leave due to back pain has increased enormously in recent decades. All in all, back pain costs the state 22 billion Euros a year. This is an enormous financial burden for society. In the meantime, the connection to the psyche has also been recognized. In 40-50% of cases, back pain cannot be traced back to a clearly identifiable, purely physical condition. Here, too, dancing can have a positive effect.

How does ISO STYLE® affect the spine and can help alleviate pain?

Oriental dance movements have the effect of a gentle massage and shape the back over time. While Oriental dance has a mobilizing effect, male dynamic Street dance movements and steps stabilize and strengthen the spine.

Gentle pressure activates nerves and self-healing forces. ISO STYLE® dancing stimulates new movements, makes joints and capsules flexible, activates muscles and releases tension. For example, there are certain nerves that can coordinate the activity of other nerves, so called interneurons. They can be made to have an analgesic effect on the other nerves through massage and movement therapy. To do this, the body produces various chemical messengers that can dull pain.  Another pain-relieving effect comes from a type of nerve that releases the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin can also make pain subside.  Physical disorders are not the sole cause of spinal pain. (Therefore, occupation and social environment must always be included.) Thus, ISO STYLE® can provide pain relief.

ISO STYLE® was conceptualized as a dance learning method to be used in recreational, wellness and health settings as a dance concept based on „Global Resources“. The dance will initially be offered online for dance beginners and dancers, and from 2022 as a training to become an ISO STYLE® TRAINER as an in-service additional training.

For more information contact:

Sonia Asmahan


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