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The Creator of Iso Style offers Trainer Education

Iso Style is a new dance born from the fusion of oriental dance and street dance. This very aesthetic fusion of Eastern and Western dance culture has a beneficial effect on the back and abdomen and is also suitable for beginners. Because the movements are natural, Iso Style has a relatively short learning curve compared to other dance styles. You quickly perceive yourself as attractive in the mirror. This motivates and strengthens self-confidence.

Iso StyleThe ISO STYLE was developed by the German artist Sonia Asmahan, also known as Lady Volcano, and is now being offered by the Creator .

The Iso Style Training courses offers advanced dancers, dance teachers and fitness trainers the opportunity to expand their repertoire and to become an Iso Style Trainer.

Iso Style is trendy and suitable for kids, teens, women and men of all ages, especially those with back strains. It offers a preventive dance back school and supports personality development.

Iso Style satisfies the current needs and demand trends of people in the 21st century. It is for people who are looking for a dance or form of movement that is easy to learn, that looks good and is healthy and a back training that is fun. It is also for people who are looking for more vitality, energy and who want to experience quality of life through dance. Health is of great importance and the Iso Style offers a way to exercise and relax on music in a healthy way.

For further informations about info workshops please contact Sonia Asmahan

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