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Thank you Iso Style Students!

🌟 A Heartfelt Thank You to Renate and Bruna – Two of My Iso Style Dance Students! 🌟

As we come closer to the end of this incredible year, I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to two exceptional individuals who have been with me every step of the way – Renate and Bruna.

Your unwavering support and dedication to the development of the second chapter of the Iso Style Dance Tutorial have been nothing short of inspiring. From day one, you both embraced the vision of Iso Style, a dance form that beautifully combines the grace of Middle Eastern Dance hip isolations with the raw power moves of Western Street Dance.

Throughout this journey, your enthusiasm and commitment to mastering every step and technique have shown me what true passion for dance looks like. Your perseverance have not only propelled your own growth, but they’ve also fueled my own creative spirit.

It’s been an incredible pleasure to witness your transformation as dancers, and your willingness to explore new movements and push boundaries has truly enriched Iso Style. As we continue to pave the way for Iso Style’s evolution, I am filled with excitement for what the future holds. The second chapter of the Iso Style Dance Tutorial would not have been possible without your presence and collaboration.

Renate and Bruna, your talent, and dedication have touched my heart deeply. You’ve reminded me why I love teaching and dancing so much, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Here’s to more music, more dance, and more joy as we venture forward together, celebrating the beauty of Iso Style and the magic it brings into our lives.

Lady Volcano - Creator of the Iso
Shooting of the 2nd Iso Style Dance Tutorial

With all my love and appreciation,

Sonia Asmahan aka Lady Volcano