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SMOKIN‘ HOT Lady Volcano & project9 ignites the Strandbar 51

Winterbach, November 18, 2023 – The stage at „Strandbar 51“ in Winterbach was set ablaze on November 18th, 2023, as music enthusiasts gathered for an unforgettable night, the Smokin‘ Hot Rock Concert headlined by Lady Volcano & project9

With the esteemed composer, producer, and keyboarder Roman Voronenko, along with the remarkable

bass guitar player Rudi Schürrle, the skilled guitar player Wolfgang Kolassa, the dynamic drummer David Sattler and great back vocalist Thomas Albitz, Lady Volcano presented an evening of musical magic.

The sonic landscape was masterfully crafted by Gideon Eichelgrün, who took charge of the sound production. The visual spectacle was brought to life by Jaron Gimmini and Gessica Iantorno.
A special highlight of the night was the collaboration between Lady Volcano and the singer-songwriter Spellfire JaMaL from Stuttgart. Together, they performed the song „Benz Benz Benz,“ a tribute to their shared hometown of Stuttgart, also known as „Benztown.“ The song pays homage to the city’s rich automotive history, being home to the iconic Daimler-Benz manufacturer.

Lady Volcano’s veil swirls and her charismatic stage presence took center stage the energy in the venue was palpable, and the guests were captivated by the artistry on display.


A special thanks to Uli Lindner, aka U9, the founder of the music project „project9“,who was a VIP guest. He plays a pivotal role in realization of this concert. Also a big thank you to Bernd Bodamer, owner of the „Strandbar 51“.