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Lady Volcano: Our social impact through music – „Believe in Love“

Single Cover "Believe in Love" by Lady Volcano feat. Sosysos & Spellfire JaMaLIt has the powerful message to hold on to love, though challenging. It’s also about the lost love and the subsequent reluctance to open one’s heart again. The rap by Spellfire JaMaL tells about the hardships of love but also emphasizing that, it is worth to hold on to it. Overall, „Believe in Love“ is a soulful song that combines insightful lyrics, a captivating melody, and a powerful rap to deliver the message to keep faith alive! Written by Lady Volcano Composed, arranged, mixed & mastered by Sosysos Rap. Spellfire JaMaL 




Stuttgart, Germany – February 14 th, 2023

Roman Voronenko aka Sosysos

Lady Volcano: „Through my endeavors and those of my company, our aim is to cultivate a positive social impact that radiates throughout our community. At the core of our mission lies a profound sense of responsibility in the messages we convey to the world. Central to our ethos is the belief that every individual, regardless of background or belief, deserves to be treated with humanity and respect.We are committed to spreading the message of love and advocating for tolerance towards diverse perspectives, lifestyles, and belief systems. By fostering understanding and open communication, we strive to build bridges that connect people from all walks of life. Our vision is not merely one of coexistence, but of genuine acceptance and celebration of our differences.We firmly believe that world peace is attainable through the cultivation of inner peace within each individual.

Lady Volcano & Spellfire JaMaL


By promoting compassion, empathy, and mindfulness, we aspire to contribute to a brighter, more harmonious future for our community and beyond. Together, let us sow the seeds of positivity and understanding, nurturing a world where kindness and respect for life flourish.“

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