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The Passion of a Biker

What will power the car of the future? Manufacturers want to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of their vehicles. Economical combustion engines powered by e-fuels, i.e. environmentally friendly fuels, could massively reduce CO2 emissions. An internal combustion engine powered by renewable fuels is climate-friendly. A study makes it clear: E-cars are no better for the climate than internal combustion engines. „To make an effective contribution to climate protection, we need to focus much more than before on energy sources such as fuels and electricity. The basis for renewable electricity and e-fuels is the global expansion of renewable energies,“ said VDA President Müller.

Benz Benz Benz by Lady Volcano & Spellfire Jamal im
Dr. Carl Benz Museum

But whatever the future of the internal combustion engine may look like: On the anniversary of the death of Dr. Carl Benz on 4th of April 2021 we publish the video clip to “ Benz Benz Benz“. The idea for the song came from the astonishment of the Gernan artist Lady Volcano that Harley riders can also be enthusiastic about a Mercedes-Benz. The Frenchman Michel Dagois combined his visit to Stuttgart with the purchase of a 6 cylinder „Benz“ SLK. He wrote the song lyrics to „Benz Benz“. Together with the artists Spellfire Jamal and Roman Voronenko, the arrangement was then created and the song was released in September 2020 in Lady Volcano’s album „Fire Skull“.

Thanks to Winfried Seidel of the Carl Benz Automuseum, the video was shot last summer in the birthplace of the 1st car. Because he liked the song, he provided his completely renovated, historic factory site of the automobile pioneer Dr. Carl Benz for the video shoot (camera: Jan Wittekindt) for „Benz Benz Benz“. Here, classic architecture and impressive museum design go perfectly together with the vehicles of automobile history – a museum of a special kind. The premises are generally well suited for cultural events, corporate events, conferences, seminars or private festivities.