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Iso Style – The New Dance! „Let Your Body Move“.

The new „Iso Style“ Online Dance Tutorial is now online!

What is Iso Style? Iso Style is a tangible dance concept for learning to dance. It is a learning method where dancing is taught quickly and easily. The aim is to efficiently develop a feeling for dance with a high fun factor.

Iso Style is the dance expression of dynamics and sensuality – sometimes explosive and hard, sometimes flowing and soft. Through Iso Style the learner experiences an expanded self-awareness. One gets to know the dance expression of women and men and can playfully explore one’s own preferred body expression in dance. In this way, one experiences and feels one’s feminine and masculine side within oneself. The Yin & Yang.

To get a first impression of Iso Style, the artist offers the 1st chapter of the Iso Style Online Dance Tutorial for free. The 4-hour course in English consists of a choreography divided into 4 chapters that build on each other. At the end of the 4 hour course you can dance a first Iso Style dance choreography consisting of 16 named individual Iso Style moves. After a warm up, the Iso Style moves are explained in detail and then repeated through individual and combination exercises to music. Each move has its own name so that it is easy to remember.

In the „Practice Session“, you deepen what you have learned and increase your speed. Arm variations increase the level of difficulty.

In the „Show Up & Dance“ Performance Session, the individual chapters are built on each other, the complete choreography can be practised and the tempo can be increased again.

Here is the trailer for the Iso Style Online Dance Tutorial:

The song „Let your body move“ by Lady Volcano & Spellfire Jamal; produced by Roman Voronenko is now available for the dance style.

About the artist:

Lady Volcano alias Sonia Asmahan was the first belly dancer to perform in Carthage, the oldest amphitheatre in the world, and founded and ran her own dance school in Egypt. She set out with her backpack to become a belly dancer in Egypt. She danced for years on big stages with her own music and folklore group and has trained countless women in oriental dance. In the meantime she has released 4 music albums and is on stage as a rock singer. Now she has developed her self-developed dance style into a new dance learning method. In this modern form of belly dance, not only the inner-body movements of oriental dance are used, but also the hard male expression of street dance.

Click here for the free „Iso Style“ online dance course:

More about Iso Style:

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