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Lady Pirate – the most notorious female pirate in history.

Smokin' Hot Rock ConcertThe song „Lady Pirate“ written by Lady volcano  pays tribute to the legendary Anne Bonny, the most famous female pirate of the 18th century. Anne Bonny lived in a time when women had very little say, but she defied social norms and went her own way, making her mark in history as a strong and independent woman.

The song begins by retelling Anne Bonny’s story, how she became the wife of robber James Bonny at the wildest of all pirate caves and then hired on a ship disguised as a man under the flag of Captain Jack Rackham, who was known for his lavish lifestyle. They looted together for a while until pirate hunters boarded their ship, and the crew was too drunk from partying all night to fight back. Everyone except Anne was found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging for the crime of piracy.

The song then leads us to the legendary words of Anne Bonny herself, as she says to Calico Jack, „Jack, I’m sorry to see you here. If you’d fought like a man, Calico Jack, you wouldn’t need to hang like a dog.“ 

Pirate figure made from metalBut Anne Bonny’s story doesn’t end with her sentencing. She showed her resilience and defiance by revealing her pregnancy, which spared her from execution. This was a bold move in a time when women had few rights and were often seen as inferior to men.

The song concludes by acknowledging that piracy is wrong, but also recognizing Anne Bonny’s fight for equality and independence. She lived a free life in her own way, escaping from traditional restrictions and fighting for her rights every night and day. She was the most notorious female pirate in history, and her story is an inspiration to those who believe in defying the odds and breaking free from societal norms.

This song is for all the Skull and cross bones fans out there, who appreciate the wildest of all adventures. Listen to the legendary words of Lady Pirate and be inspired by the spirit of Anne Bonny, who fought between men and women for equality.

Lady Volcano – From Belly Dance to Rock n‘ Roll – the way of an artist.

On a journey to the Orient, the German fell in love with Oriental dance. She followed the call of adventure and set out to become a belly dancer in Egypt. For many years Sonia Asmahan danced successfully at the Red Sea with her own music and folklore dance group and was running a dance school.
Due to her role in a popular Egyptian TV series, she became known beyond the borders of Egypt. The German artist experienced the highlight of her dancing career by presenting Oriental dance to more than 10,000 spectators at Carthage, the oldest amphitheater in the world. She is the creator of Iso Style, a new dance form.
After a show a volcano photographer compared her to a volcano. This inspired her to write a first rock song and song writing became an integral part of her artistic expression.
Lady Volcano was born.
In 2019 she released her third music album „Riding Fever“
This album is dedicated to all the bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts out there, and it’s a celebration of the freedom and adrenaline rush that comes with riding on two wheels.

Listen to the Lyric Video

Listen to a Live Performance